Your University, Your Neighborhood, Your IU Rentals

Pavilion Properties can help you find IU rentals that have everything you need. With over 40 locations near the Indiana University campus, we have an array of rentals ranging from large houses to quaint apartments – and everything in between.

Quality IU Apartments Near Campus

Our properties throughout the neighborhoods of Bloomington not only offer premium access to the campus and all the exciting components of campus life, but also provide quiet retreats for students. At our locations, you’ll enjoy having the best of Bloomington at your fingertips – grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment venues, recreational areas, and much more. Everything you need is always within reach when you make one of our properties your next address!
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1505 S. Olive 200 E. 2nd St 211 E. 2nd St. 215 E. 9th St 221 E. 9th St. 317 N. Indiana 321 N. Indiana 401 N. Indiana 519 E. 8th Street 403 N. Roosevelt 420 S. Fess 421 E. 9th St. 424 S. Fess Night Building 521 E. 7th St. 809 S. Henderson 810 N. Lincoln Red Brick Court 501 N. Walnut Pavilion Office Pavilion Place Pavilion Park Pavilion Heights Pavilion Park Redwood Pavilion Court Pavilion Court 401 S. Woodlawn Pavilion Dunn 609 S. Henderson St. 600 E. 2nd St. 604 E. 2nd St. 608 E. 2nd St. 606 S. Fess Ave. 612 S. Fess Ave.
IU Kelley School Of Business IU Maurer School of Law IU Jacobs School of Music IU Maurer School of Law IU Memorial Stadium IU Assembly Hall IU Wells Library IU Memorial Union
Starbucks Nick’s Blue Bird Bloomington Court House Buffa Louies Malibu Grill Kilroy’s on Kirkwood Kilroy’s Sports Bar Soma Butch’s Lennie’s Upland Bloomington Bagle Co.